Mother Bear

After several sleepless nights, I awoke, on a Thursday morning May 20th 2016, with thoughts of driving my car through the front doors of the Ministry of Children and Families and screaming “GIVE ME MY GRANDSON!!”
The nightmare had begun a couple of days earlier when I received a call from my son, David, telling me his one year old baby, Elijah and Elijah’s two year old brother, Daniel, were in a foster home. David’s ex-girlfriend Brianna had had the children with her for the past few weeks and David was trying to obtain legal shared custody. While in her care, the children had been apprehended by the MCFD and placed in a temporary foster home. Two days later, David received a msg from one of Brianna’s relatives telling him that his son was in an unknown foster home. David called me right away and for the next 48 hours we desperately tried to find out where the kids were and how we could get Elijah back.

David and I made desperate calls to MCFD trying to find out information but our calls were left unanswered. Two frustrating days later, I transformed into “Psycho-Mother Bear” (my superhero form) and, as the saying goes, come hell or high water I was getting my grandson!
The next morning, although I was fully prepared to jump in my car, drive like a mad woman to the nearest MCFD office and demand they handover my grandson, I made my last attempt at calling a ministry worker and by some miracle my call was answered. The social worker assigned to Elijah’s file, Megan, apologized for not calling sooner (my eyes rolled) and we discussed the situation. As the call progressed Megan determined that I was the best candidate to take over the care of Elijah until David could be given custody. I was flooded with relief knowing Elijah would be back with his family.
Then Megan asked me a question that would forever change the path of my life, “What about Daniel?”
I started to cry and said, “I love him.” I had known Daniel since he was 7 months old when David and Brianna had started dating.
“Will you take Daniel too?” I thought for a few seconds about the enormous responsibility of taking on this second child and said, “Absolutely.”
Thus began the journey of raising my ‘chosen’ grandson, Daniel.


4 thoughts on “Mother Bear”

  1. It makes my stomach turn to think about how horrible that was, I really felt it through this entry. Looking back now, it’s amazing how much has changed, and how much has remained the same!


  2. Well that was a quick roller coaster ride! Get in, hold your breath with clenched teeth while you fought to find your grandchild, blurt out a laugh at the momma-bear alter ego, and finally tears of joyful relief …. what? it’s over?… looking forward to your next entry ❤


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