Captain Mayhem x 2

I walked into the MCFD main lobby and checked in with the front desk clerk. Megan, the social worker, came out and said the kids were on the way and asked if I could I sign some papers. She said she would be right back and sauntered off through a door and disappeared.
Behind me I heard a kerfuffle and when I spun around I looked into the bright blue eyes of my youngest grandson, Elijah. He was perched on the hip of a tiny older woman whom I guessed was the foster mom. She smiled and handed him to me. I watched as Daniel hopped onto the pleather couch and began jumping up and down. Meagan appeared like magic and told Daniel to sit, which he, also like magic, did instantly. I thought to myself, ‘oh, good, he seems well behaved.’ (Omg, I was niave).
The foster mom handed me a small bag which contained one bottle, a tin of formula, a couple of diapers and a t-shirt. The t-shirt was emblazoned with words ‘Captain Mayhem’ and no words could more true. She said Daniel doesn’t nap and both boys go to bed at 6:30, then she was gone.
Megan had vanished again, Elijah squirmed out of my arms and began crawling on the floor while Daniel resumed his trampoline act on the couch. I told Daniel to sit, exactly the way the social worker had said it, and Daniel beamed ear to ear jumping higher and higher. I gently put my hands on Daniels shoulders and told him to stop jumping, he catapulted off the couch, dashed to the toys in the corner and started tossing them to the floor. Elijah, meanwhile had found a tray of crayons and was munching happily on the Burnt Sienna. I picked up the tray of crayons, fished out the little chunks of wax from Elijah’s mouth and put the crayons up onto a counter.
A young mom, sitting with her restless child, bobbed her head side to side, and said, “They’re non-toxic.”
“Ahhh, yes, that’s probably true, but I still don’t want him eating them.” The young mom shrugged her shoulders and looked away.
Finally, Megan and her colleague emerged and informed me the car seats were now going to be installed. We carried the boys downstairs and headed outside to my car. A mere 45 minutes later the seats were installed and the babies were buckled in.
Before I got into the driver’s seat, Megan said, “Have a good weekend!”
The other social worker said with a big smile “Good luck!”
I started the engine and looked back at two angelic little faces, both smiling at me. Ok here we go, I thought as I headed for home.



2 thoughts on “Captain Mayhem x 2”

  1. Oh wow! Lol great job … that was very descriptive and conveyed a gamit of emotion including eluding to what was to come! Each entry definitely leaves me mentally flipping the page 😊


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