The Babies Have Arrived!

After making the hour long drive from the MCFD to my home I stop the car and look up to see my husband, Klaus, sitting on our split rail fence waiting. The babies had been giggling and happy the whole ride home. Klaus jumps off the fence and beams his big smile through the car window, the babies smile back. We each grab a child and bring them into the house.
Within minutes, my son David, Elijah’s father, rolls into the driveway. I can only imagine  the overwhelming feeling of relief he must have felt coming into the house and seeing his beautiful baby safe and healthy. He scoped Elijah into his arms.
My daughter Leanne arrived, her car filled with donations from friends and co-workers: play pen, wooden crib, toys and clothes. David had brought a highchair and baby bottles. The mayhem began, safety latches installed, cribs assembled, dinner for the kids, and baby gates puzzled over, all the while time ticks along as bedtime approaches.
“Mom, there’s pieces missing from the crib, I can’t set it up.”
“Hey, the baby gates are too small for our staircase”
“I think someone’s filled their pants, we should open one of the cases of diapers. Eeewww”
“The sippy cups are leaking everywhere, I think we put them together wrong”
“The baby is pulling all your antique books off the shelf…isn’t that shelf supposed to be bolted to the wall?”
“Someone please stop Daniel from smashing the glass coffee table with that metal toy!”
Diapers are changed, tags are ripped off the new pajamas,  babies get snuggled in their new flannel onesies, and milk filled baby bottles are plugged into tiny mouths. Bedtime approaches with only one crib and two babies.
My husband, Klaus, who has never had children, or even been around children, is stationed on the couch with a baby on each side. I dash upstairs where Leanne and David are struggling to assemble the incomplete crib.
“Get on Facebook and find a crib, we need one in half an hour or less!” With our phones, we stood in a circle, heads down like we were in a group prayer, typing out our desperate plea.
“Got one!!” David shouted. He jumped into his truck and roared off to pick up the playpen/crib.
And somehow it all came together. By 7:30, the babies were sleeping happily in their little beds with their brand new blankets and stuffed toys, each a perfect little Anne Geddes’ flower.


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